Monday, December 17, 2012


This update is to make you all aware that I have officially lost my mind.  My husband would argue that my good sense was gone a long time ago, but that is a debate for later.  By random chance, last month I read an article on Runner's World encouraging runners to engage in a month-long running streak from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  It is supposed help us casual suburban weekend warriors combat the weight gaining effects of holiday eating habits by staying active during a month when we traditionally take it easy and indulge in fattening comfort foods.  In order to participate, you simply have to make the commitment to run a minimum of one mile everyday during the streak.  Crazy, right?  I thought so, but still I was intrigued.  Something pulled me in, slowly making me think this would be something worth trying at least once.  One mile per day did not seem too taxing, and I was already in the thick of my fall/winter racing season.  It did not seem too far fetched to run one mile everyday for one month.

True to my cowardly nature, I did not plan to tell anyone about my streak so I would not have to face any judgement in case I failed or decided to quit before that mission was accomplished.  Seems like I am always planning ways to give myself an "out" in case Plan A falls through.  Thanksgiving Day came and went, as did the official start of the Runner's World holiday streak and I did not make it out for a run.  Thankful that I had kept my big mouth closed, I quietly chose another start date that would launch my own personal running streak.  This start date would coincide with a countdown of sorts, spiraling to a date more significant to 40th birthday.  This date is in January, meaning I would have to start my streak no later than December 1st.  Since it was my 40th, the streak would need to go longer than 30 days in order to have a better ring to it.  So it was decided.  I would have 40 days of consecutive running to celebrate my 40th birthday.

I have harped so much about my birthday that you would assume I was a showy person where this annual event is concerned, but that would be inaccurate.  Normally I celebrate very quietly by running the Chevron Houston Marathon or Half-Marathon (it falls on my birthday weekend every year) and then pigging out on red velvet cake and pizza with my guys.  It is our little tradition and anything that deviates from that would feel wrong.  However, something about being 40 feels different .  I wanted to welcome this new decade with a bigger bang than usual.  Why not do something really out of the norm just to prove I am the badass that I always claim to be (at least in my head).

As I write this, I am about half way through my 40-day streak.  Yes I am still crazy, but there are no running related injuries to report.  The biggest obstacle has been squeezing in a run before the sun sets each evening.  This means I have to make sure I leave work early enough to make it home before the darkness falls around 5:30pm.  On days that I have some energy, the runs average around 3 miles.  On other days when work has me drained, I stick with my one mile minimum.  On those one-miler days, I drag my mini-running partner (my oldest son) along to keep me company.  He is always the best running companion because he couldn't care less that mom had a rough day.  He just wants to get out of the house and yak about all the adventures of a day in his life as a third grader.  It is always a welcome distraction and helps me get over my drama of the moment quickly.

If all goes as planned, my 40 days will conclude on January 9th.  This will allow me to have a couple of days rest in time for the Houston Half-marathon on January 13th.  Since I am doing that event on behalf of the Todd Krampitz Foundation (a Run For a Reason charity), I want to try to have a decent race performance since I have blabbed to enough people that I am doing it.  If you want to help, there are two ways to do so.  You can go to my fundraiser page to make a small donation that will benefit the foundation's efforts to spread organ donor awareness.  The second is to keep posting positive messages to me here or on my Facebook page between now and January 9th to encourage me to keep up the streak.  This is my small way of giving thanks to God for a healthy body and mind, allowing me the grace to do the things I love.  It was just a short time ago when ill health threatened to take that away from my family, so I count this blessing with a grateful heart.  Thanks in advance for your support!

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